WALKUPS | Lance Blomgren


Lance Blomgren’s captivating novella takes place entirely indoors, up the steel staircases and behind the brick walls of Montreal’s distinctive row-house apartments. Inside these rooms the people who call these spaces home are collectively beginning to sense that something is not quite right. Time is becoming noticeably slower, and things that were once unnoticeable or even invisible—are suddenly impossible to ignore.

Composed as series of documentaries depicting actual Montreal apartments, this book offers an intimate architectural tour of the city that is in turns humourous, erotic, and deeply unsettling. Walkups is a strikingly original work by a writer who the Montreal Review of Books has called “a human conveyer belt of ideas and images.”

Originally published in 2000, this new unexpurgated second edition features numerous previously unpublished sections and an afterword by the author.


ISBN 0-9685161-7-3 | 140 pages | conundrum press | Justin Stephens design


Broken Pencil, Toronto, January 2010 (Spencer Gordon)
Rover Arts, Montreal, December 2009 (Joseph Elfassi)
The Coast, Halifax, February 2010 (Sean Flinn)
North of Ordinary, Whitehorse, Spring 2010 (Elaine Corden)


“The most striking quality of Walkups is its rejection of the seeming bedrock of most conventional fiction– character arcs, courses of rising action, climaxes, even conclusions…It’s a shame that so few works of Canadian fiction in the last nine years have been as ambitiously original.” – Spencer Gordon, Broken Pencil (Toronto)

“After reading this book, it was difficult for me to pass a residential building and not look twice at its curtained windows.” – Michael Turner, author of 8 X 10

“A narrative of loss, paranoia and psychological collapse against a panoramic swirl of poetically rendered human detail…one of the most impressive literary debuts of the year.” – Toronto eye weekly

“Blomgren looks for the truth in the ordinary, the mythical in the mundane …. Walkups is a playfully engaging invitation to a maze of truth and lies.” – Montreal Review of Books

“Blomgren’s perspective is that of the spying neighbour who knows the daily habits and neuroses of the people living nearby but not their names…. Blomgren’s skill as a writer lies in the way he seduces the reader and maintains such voyeuristic titillation.” – NOW Magazine (Toronto)

“Evocative…For an ex-Montrealer, Walkups is a tonic” – Montreal Gazette

“Full of Montreal spleen…a fictive site where the mundane particularities of apartment living—stale bagels, unwashed sheets and cat-fur dust-bunnies—collide with the architecture of human psychogeography, conspiracy theories and long, long winters.” – Charlie Gardner, author of Systems Systems Crush

ions and an afterword by the author.