Operation Northern Shield | speculative research project
“The new arrival is happy to discover the stories about the free meat are true.”

And There Came a Time When | poster and business card
“We stopped thinking about ourselves and engaged in idle chitchat…”

Informal Architectures | residency and symposium
Monuments and Still Life in Motion

Standard Amount Plus | cloche gallery
Generous rations

Corner Pieces (Banff) | public poster project
Banff Springs Motel, Banff Elementary School, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Banff Pavilion, and others.

Corner Pieces (Berlin) | public poster project
Berlin for Lovers

Orange/Brown | collective projects
Friends telling friends what to do

A Room Full of Birds | radio
There was a lot of them

Oasis | Exhibition

The Complete Owner’s Manual | exhibition
The Apparatus, The Ass, The Olde Songs, Baby Blue, Danish Design and others

Shot in the Face | exhibition